Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Rhythm can be described as timed movement through space; an easy, connected path along which the eye follows a regular arrangement of objects.


Repetition is created when objects, shapes, space, light, direction, lines etc. are repeated in artwork.

Contrast and Variety

Variety and contrast
an artist uses elements of art to create diversity and differences in design. Contrasting colors, textures, and patterns all add interest to the art work. Highlights of color to the corners or edges of some shapes maybe used to add contrast.


Unity is the result of how all element and principles work together. All parts must have some relation to each other. They must fit together to create the over all message and effect.


the use of lines, colors, values, textures, forms and space to carry or direct the eye of the viewer from one part of the design or picture to other is called movement. Movement is created in art by the way the artist uses the elements of design. Movement is generally created by the arrangement of shapes.


Emphasis is way of bring a dominance and subordination into a design or painting. Major objects, shapes, or colors may dominate a picture by taking up more space or by being heavier in volume or by being darker in color than the subordinate objects, shapes and colors. There must be balance between the dominant and subordinate elements.