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The Olympic Rings

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February 9-14 Weekly Questions

1. A pinhole camera is a very simple camera with no lens and a very small aperture.  A pinhole camera's shutter is usually manually operated because of the lengthy exposure times.  typical exposure range from 5 seconds to hours or even days.

2. Annie Leibovitz was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on October 2, 1949.  She is the third oldest of six siblings.  Her mother as a dance instructor, while her father was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force.  She attended the San Francisco Art Institute, and became interested in photography after takin pictures when she lived in the Philippines.  Annie is an American portrait photographer whose style marked by a close collaboration between the photographer and the subject.

3. The Rolling Stones, Demi Moore, Leslie Nielsen, John Lennon, Yoko Ono


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Infared Photo

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Photo Borders

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Enhanced Colors

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Black and White Photography

1.  the film, the lens, and the body itself
2. manual single-lens-reflex
3. opens the lens
4. length of exposure
5. gears, switches, and springs
6. low film, because there is light all around the camera
7. I     reducing agent - ions to metals
    II   developing film with water
    III remove silver-halide
    IV wash film with water
8. enlarger
9. developed silver

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