Thursday, January 29, 2009

Camera info and Edward Weston

a Compact Digital Camera is a small and portable, easy to use, built in flash, high depth of field, good for get to gather camera.
a Bridge digital Camera has a DSLR but lacks removable lens, sensor, mirror, and reflexes. 
Bridge means fill niche between DSLR and compact Digital Camera.
a Digital SLR uses a mirror system and has an image sensor, and a viewfinder blackout  DSLRs have accurate previews and depth of field.  they are used by professionals.

Edward Weston was a great artist and photographer.
he took photos between years 1911-22
the pepper photo is intriguing to me because it is like a fist with no fat.  the inside of the pepper is a black hole (or something)
Weston used a Kodak Bull's Eye #2 camera

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